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Bhupendra Singh Rana – aka Bhupi

Position - Owner & Instructor

Bhupi has been a multi activity outdoor instructor for over 13 years around the world. 


Bhupi is Indias first and only rescue instructor (2015) certified by Rescue 3 International, USA and International Rafting Federation (IRF), USA. Bhupi is well-travelled, a natural leader, pro kayaker, professional river instructor, yoga instructor, and a very enthusiastic multi adventure sports lover. He played a huge role in organizing the relief efforts for the Kedarnath flood in Uttarakhand in India 2013.


After seeing the devastation that a natural disaster such as a flood could cause to his country, Bhupi knew that he had to do something. This was when Bhupi decided to take his river experience and skills to the next level by becoming a Rescue 3 International & IRF instructor. Bhupi uses a hands on teaching style on all of his courses. He has worked as a professional multi activity outdoor instructor around the world for over 13 years. He is a sponsored team NRS paddler who represents the brand on a variety of levels. A kayaking video starring Bhupi was nominated for the best videographer of the year award in 2013 by Kayak Session. He is also the founder and president of Indias first international kayak competition known as Ganga Kayak Festival. Bhupis ability to combine all of his experience and knowledge makes him a great instructor. The goal of these courses is to bring awareness and techniques to the river and rope rescue industry in India. Through proper safety techniques, Bhupi hopes to help change the world of rescue and truly make sure that every life matters! 


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Trina Rana

Position - Marketing director


Trina is the marketing director for Rescue India. Trina assisted Bhupi with the Kedarnath flood Relief efforts and realized what a dire need there was in India for proper rescue trainings to take place. The need to help out her family’s country is what made Trina want to be a part of Rescue India. She loves to travel and spend her time exploring different cultures around the world. Trina will be the person who may contact you to answer any questions or confirm your spot on the courses. Please feel free to reach out to her with any questions.


Bheem Singh Chauhan – aka B.C.

Position – Logistics Manager


Bheem has been working as a professional river guide, trip leader, safety kayaker, paraglider for over 12 years in Uganda, Iran and all across India. He is a pro-active, hard working, and passionate outdoor enthusiast. Bheem has been with Rescue India since the beginning and is on his way to becoming a Rescue 3 Instructor.   


 Sandeep Rana

Position - River Assistant 


sandeepranaSandeep has been working as a professional river guide, trip leader, safety kayaker for over 8 years in Norway and all across India. Sandy was born to be on the water and his passion for the river and nature comes from growing up on the river Ganges in northern India. Sandy is our newest addition to the Rescue India team but he is sure to be a great asset.